Director Navjot Gulati Claims Airport Security Offered To Not Search Him Because Of Farm Protests, Union Minister Of Aviation Responds

Uber drivers are passe — liberals now get their inputs about the pulse of India from Airport security personnel. Navjot Gulati, who appears to have been have been involved in movies named Jai Mummy Di (2020), Happily Ever After (2020) and Best Girlfriend (2014) as a writer and director, today sent out an interesting tweet. “The […]

Leftist Portals Spread Fake News That UP Police Stopped Wedding Over Love Jihad, Police Reveals Girl Was Reported Missing By Family

Leftist media portals have once again been caught spreading fake news to propagate the Muslim victimhood narrative. Prominent left-leaning portals including Indian Express, The Wire, Mirror Now, and far-left propagandists like Faye D’Souza yesterday reported that UP’s Kushinagar Police had stopped a wedding over suspicions of love jihad. Reports said […]