Rahul Gandhi Spreads Fake News That Gautam Adani’s Wealth Had Risen By Rs. 12 Lakh Crore, Actual Figure Is Rs. 1.2 Lakh Crore

Rahul Gandhi’s strained relationship with basic mathematics is continuing well into 2021. After throwing wildly inaccurate numbers during the 2019 poll campaign about the prices of Rafale aircrafts and the supposed amounts earned by Anil Ambani, Gandhi today alleged that Gautam Adani had earned 12 lakh crore during the pandemic. […]

Netizens Call Out Sonu Sood’s Hinduphobia After Actor Asks People To Not Forward Lord Shiva Images On Mahashivratri

Cases of discrimination against Hindus don’t only stream in from India’s neighbours including Pakistan and Bangladesh — subtle Hinduphobia is in open display right here in India itself. Actor Sonu Sood today sent out a somewhat unusual Mahashivratri greeting. “Don’t celebrate Mahashivratri by forwarding Lord Shiva’s photos, celebrate it by […]