Rahul Gandhi’s Former Business Partner’s Wife Sonia Faleiro Was Amongst The First To Use The Term “Modi Variant” On Twitter

Even as India is digesting some of the sensational disclosures in the alleged Congress toolkit, it’s already throwing up some interesting patterns. One of the points in the alleged toolkit had referred to calling the virus the “the Modi strain”. “Use the phrase Indian strain whenever talking of the new […]

India’s Sultans Originally Celebrated Eid By Making Daughters Of Defeated ‘Infidel’ Kings Dance And Then Presented Them As Gifts To Foreigners, Ibn Battuta Had Written In The 1300s

India’s secularism project has tried its hardest to portray how harmony existed between India’s Muslim invaders and the native Hindu kings, but first-hand sources from that period paint a completely different picture. Ibn Battuta was one of the world’s greatest travelers. Born in Morocco in 1304, he set off on […]

Storia Beverages Releases Hilarious Ad Featuring Politician Lookalike Who Wants To Build A Machine That Converts Grass To Milk

You know politics has gone mainstream when the jokes from Twitter make it to the real world. Mumbai-based beverage company Storia has released an ad featuring someone who bears an uncanny resemblance to an Indian politician. The main character runs to his mother exclaiming “Khatam?(It’s over?)” after she’s downed her […]