Indians Begin Uninstalling Zomato’s App After Company Responds To Swara Bhasker’s Complaint About Advertising On Republic

Companies are fast realizing that pandering to woke far-left extremists isn’t quite the path to business success in today’s India. Indian consumers are uninstalling Zomato’s app en masse after the company appeared to cave to far-left propagandist Swara Bhasker’s call to stop advertising on Republic. “Hey Zomato, I’m your regular […]

India’s Attorney General Gives Consent For Criminal Contempt Proceedings Against Kunal Kamra For His Tweets Against Supreme Court

Alleged stand-up comedian Kunal Kamra could soon find out that his tweets mocking India’s Supreme Court were no joking matter. India’s Attorney General KK Venugopal has granted consent for initiating criminal contempt against Kunal Kamra for his alleged derogatory tweets against a Supreme Court judge. The permission for initiating criminal […]