After Spreading Fake News That A Tanishq Showroom Had Been Attacked, NDTV Fails To Cover Real News Of Sanjiv Prakashan’s Office Being Attacked

The rank hypocrisy of India’s Islamo-leftist media can often be stunning to behold. NDTV has failed to cover the attack on Jaipur-based publishing house Sanjiv Prakashan, which was vandalized over a section on Islamic terrorism in its Class 12 pass book. The attack had been reported by several outlets including […]

NDTV Falsely Claims Supreme Court Judges Will Get To Choose Which Vaccine To Take, Deletes Tweet After Health Ministry Clarification

Even during the time of a national pandemic, NDTV continues spreading fake news to create misinformation and panic. NDTV today claimed that Supreme Court judges would get an option to choose which vaccine they’d take. “Supreme Court judges to be vaccinated from tomorrow, can choose between 2 vaccines,” NDTV said […]

Congress Accounts Trend Old Data From 2019 To Show Koo App’s Domain Is Registered In China, Latest Data Shows Domain Is Registered In Karnataka, India

Even as a Made-in-India alternative to Twitter has begun gaining in popularity, a smear campaign seems to have simultaneously begun to discredit the app. A screenshot, that purportedly shows that Koo’s domain as being registered in Jiangxi, China, has been going viral on social media. The screenshot shows that the […]