52 Photos And Videos That Show The Horrifying Violence In Bengal Over The Citizenship Amendment Bill

West Bengal has been on the boil over the last couple of days over the Citizenship Amendment Bill. The protests started on Friday after the Friday prayers, and have continued over the weekend. This is a glimpse of the horrifying violence that Bengal has seen over the last three days.

Trains and railway stations have been the worst hit. Protesters have broken windows of trains with iron rods.

A running train was also stoned, and the driver forced to stop.

This terrifying video was shot from within the driver’s cabin.

Crowds gathered around trains, and grew restive.

Even stationary trains were stoned, and their windows broken.

Large groups of men also worked together to damage train tracks.

Unbelievably, several trains were also set on fire.

Five trains were burned down in West Bengal.

Fires were also lit across train tracks.

When fire brigades rushed to the spot, they were burned down too.

5 trains were set on fire.

Protesters systemically destroyed railway stations, and then set them on fire.

There were also violent protests on the streets.

Fires were also set on roads.

On Saturday, even more railway stations were destroyed.

And most crucially, where was the police all this while? They seem to have been largely missing from action. This video perhaps encapsulates what the police have been up to — retreating away meekly as mobs have burned down West Bengal.

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