After Asking People To Say No To Crackers On Diwali, Jasprit Bumrah Uses Firecrackers For His Own Wedding

Indian celebrities seem to be convinced that firecrackers cause pollution, but only on the specific day of Diwali.

Jasprit Bumrah, who’s getting married to cricket presenter Sanjana Ganesan, today shared a picture from his wedding. A picture showed Jasprit Bumrah and Sanjana Ganesan walking down the aisle, while people on either side held up burning sparklers. It was a beautiful picture, and the bride and the groom looked radiant, but there was a problem — Bumrah had previously asked people to say no to crackers on Diwali.

In 2017, Bumrah had shared a picture of his Diwali celebrations. “Diwali celebration at home! Wishing everyone a very Happy and a prosperous Diwali!,” he’d tweeted, while attaching a picture of him and his family. But his tweet hadn’t been limited to a simple wish. He’d added a #SayNoToCrackers hashtag to his post, asking people to not burst crackers.

Bumrah hadn’t elaborated why he thought people should say no to crackers, but it would appear that it was because he presumably felt that they cause pollution. But it seemed that Bumrah was perfectly okay with causing pollution on the occasion of his own wedding — there were thick plumes of smoke in the wedding photo he’d himself shared today.

Bumrah isn’t the only cricketer to be caught sermonizing about crackers on Diwali, only to be seen using them for their own personal enjoyment. Just last Diwali, Virat Kohli had asked people to not burst crackers, but netizens had then dug up photos of him burst crackers after an RCB win, and setting off crackers over the Dubai skyline on his own birthday.

This hypocrisy is not only Hinduphobic — crackers are seemingly okay on all occasions other than the biggest Hindu festival — but also extremely elitist. Cricketers fly around the world on pollution-causing planes, drive pollution-causing SUVs, and set off crackers on their birthdays and weddings, but seem to want to deny the common Indian the access to bursting crackers once a year. Crackers are relatively cheap, and in a sense democratize celebrations in India — they allow the common Indian to bring a few moments of joy into their lives. And cricketers, who have many other avenues of enjoyment, including bursting crackers in their private celebrations, seem to deem it fit to ask ordinary Hindus to give up their near 2000-year-old tradition, all in the name of saving the environment that they themselves pollute to a much greater degree.

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