After Getting Banned From 4 Major Airlines, Kunal Kamra Gets Schooled By Indian Railways

Kunal Kamra can’t catch a break (or a flight) at the moment.

After being banned by Indigo, Air India, Spice Jet and Go Air for harassing Arnab Goswami aboard a Mumbai-Lucknow flight, Kunal Kamra wasn’t remorseful. He didn’t apologize for his behaviour. Instead, to milk his newly-found notoriety, he took to Twitter and tried making some jokes. Among the things he tweeted was this.

Kamra seemed to imply that after he’d been banned from major airlines, he’d tried booking train tickets from IRCTC’s website, but found that the website wasn’t functioning. He used this, as per his political persuasion, to attack the Modi government, saying “Kare to kare kya, bole to bole kya.”

But Kamra was in for a bit of a surprise — he got a response straight from IRCTC itself. “For the last few years for the day end operations the website is not available for booking for 2345 hours to 0020 hours,” IRCTC tweeted in response.

What IRCTC said is true, and also widely known. Several sources on the internet confirm what IRCTC told Kamra– its website is down from 11:45 pm to 12:20 am every night for maintenance. Kamra’s tweet was smack in the middle of the period, at 11:59 pm.

But Kamra’s tweet is emblematic of of how leftists operate in India. Without being in possession of all facts, they keep outraging on social media, and their poorly-informed followers lap it up — Kamra’s tweet has been retweeted nearly six thousand times. Had Kamra only tried performing a simple Google search before tweeting to his 8 lakh followers, he might have saved himself the embarrassment of being called out by IRCTC and looking like a fool. But research has never been a strong suit of India’s leftists — they’ve learnt that being angry, usually without reason, gets them better mileage on social media.

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2 thoughts on “After Getting Banned From 4 Major Airlines, Kunal Kamra Gets Schooled By Indian Railways

  1. This chap is a joker, no doubt. But a dangerous joker, like Batman’ s series ” The Joker”. Must be carefully watched.

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