After Getting Mocked, Gal Gadot Deletes Instagram Story Hailing Shaheen Bagh’s Bilkis Bano

The tendency of woke leftists to not know what exactly they’re protesting isn’t limited to India — international leftists are just as much on board.

Gal Gadot, who is the star of the much-panned recent release Wonder Woman: 1984, today took to Instagram to share stories of her “personal Wonder Woman.” “This has been a long year, ending with the WonderWoman:84 release. I decided to end it by being grateful for the Wonder Women in my life and those who inspire me the most,” she virtuously wrote.

Her recently-released movie is currently rated an abysmal 5.6 on Imdb, so it’s perhaps fitting that Gadot is trying to find some other Wonder Women. But there was a curious addition in her list, which included Kamala Harris, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, and her own mother: Shaheen Bagh’s Bilkis Bano.

“Bilkis,” declared Gal Gadot, while sharing a picture of the dadi stubbornly blocking roads at Shaheen Bagh. “This 82 year old activist fighting for women’s equality in India showed me it’s never too late to fight for what you believe in,” she continued.

Now it’s possible that Bilkis Bano was among the people who inspired Gal Gadot the most, but she didn’t seem particularly clued into what she was protesting for. Bilkis Bano’s protests, of course, had nothing to do with women’s equality — she was protesting against the rights of persecuted minorities from getting asylum in India through the Citizenship Amendment Act.

After her vacuous woke activism was exposed, Gal Gadot began getting trolled. “Dear @GalGadot Bilkis Bano was not fighting for equality, she was fighting to deny asylum to persecuted minorities. BTW do find out what Bilkis Bano thinks about Jews or Israel,” wrote a Twitter user.

@GalGadot Ji, this lady was not fighting for women’s rights. She was opposing a law which Indian govt passed to help persecuted minorities from terrorist country Pakistan. Being an Israeli Jew, you should have known better about this,” wrote another Twitter user.

At this point, Gal Gadot realized she’d made a fool of herself in front of her 48 million followers, and deleted the story. While the rest of the stories remain, the one “honouring” Bilkis Bano has been quietly removed from her Instagram.

But while Gal Gadot has deleted the story about Bilkis Bano, the entire incident throws light on what woke activism is all about — Gal Gadot had claimed Bilkis Bano was among the women who inspired her the most, but didn’t have a clue what she was famous for. Which is pretty much the case for all celebrities that take up causes on Instagram — scratch the surface, and you’ll learn that most “activism” is vapid virtue-signaling for shares and likes.

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