Arvind Kejriwal Has Quietly Unfollowed Leftists On Twitter Including Swara Bhaskar And Akash Banerjee

As violence broke out between anti-CAA protesters and pro-CAA demonstrators in Delhi, the Chief Minister appears to have made it clear which side he’s on.

Arvind Kejriwal has quietly unfollowed several prominent anti-CAA voices on Twitter. Last evening, Kejriwal unfollowed Swara Bhaskar, Youtuber Akash Banerjee and journalist Abhisar Sharma. He also unfollowed controversial Radio Mirchi RJ Sayema and author Krishan Pratap Singh.

Kejriwal’s latest Twitter cleanup doesn’t seem to be merely people whose content he was no longer enjoying on Twitter — they all happen to be prominent influencers who were speaking out against the Citizenship Amendment Act. Swara Bhaskar has been a vocal critic of the Act, and has spoken at several rallies against it, and Akash Banerjee has made several videos denouncing the Act on his YouTube channel. Journalist Abhisar Sharma, too, has been critical of the government and the Citizenship Amendment Act. Radio Mirchi RJ Sayema has been organizing anti-CAA protests on Twitter, and her biased perspectives have led to calls of the boycott of Radio Mirchi.

What was also interesting was the timing of Kejriwal’s unfollowing spree — he unfollowed these accounts that late last evening, as violence in Delhi was spiraling out of control. Interestingly, all these people had implicitly supported the Aam Aadmi Party during the recently concluded Delhi elections — these influencers make no bones about their hate for the BJP, and had led online campaigns against it. But with the election campaign now over, and Delhi’s ordinary citizens being inconvenienced by anti-CAA protests, these leftists influeners had outlived their usefulness. Kejrjwal’s dumping of these mini-celebrities is smart politics in the short run, but with him having disposed of them so callously, one wonders if he’ll be able to garner their support in the elections to come.

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