Bhilwara Sarpanch Slams Sonia Gandhi For Crediting Bhilwara Model To Son Rahul, Says Was Inspired By PM Modi

Even as the rest of the country is busy fighting the coronavirus, Sonia Gandhi has been spending her time trying to somehow prop up her son Rahul Gandhi’s political career. And her desperate attempts are now being called out.

Kismat Gurjar, who is the Sarpanch of Devriya, Shahpura in Bhilwara, has slammed Sonia Gandhi for attempting to give Rahul Gandhi credit for the so-called Bhilwara model. Last week, Bhilwara in Rajasthan had made headlines across the nation for its “ruthless” Covid-19 containment model. At this point, Sonia Gandhi has hailed the “timely warning” of her son, Rahul Gandhi, which prompted the state government to successfully tackle the pandemic in the district.

But Kismat Gurjar today took to Twitter to slam Sonia Gandhi’s claims. “Today I read that Sonia Gandhi had credited Rahul Gandhi for the Bhilwara model and praised him,” she says. “I was very sad when I heard this. What is today being called the Bhilwara model is a creation of the farmers, women, and the general people of Bhilwara. For the last few days, the (Congress) government was trying to take credit for the model. Now Rahul Gandhi is trying to do the same thing. The credit should go to the ordinary people of Bhilwara who showed patience in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic,” she added.

Gurjar even went ahead and said that she was inspired by PM Modi. “We were very inspired by the appeal of PM Narendra Modi. Not only did the people of Bhilwara strictly followed the lockdown, they also practiced social distancing. PM Modi’s appeal of cooperating with doctors, nurses and medical staff inspired the people of Bhilwara,” she added.

She then finished with the ultimate zinger. “This is not the time to do politics, but it’s the time to work even harder to beat the coronavirus,” she concluded.

A village sarpanch shouldn’t need to take to Twitter to teach the President of the Congress party lessons on how to be responsible during a national crisis, but such has been the conduct of the Congress in recent years that the ordinary citizen appears to have had no choice but to speak up.

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2 thoughts on “Bhilwara Sarpanch Slams Sonia Gandhi For Crediting Bhilwara Model To Son Rahul, Says Was Inspired By PM Modi

  1. Will this lady called sonia keep trying to prop her sons career till she dies? Doesn’t the son have an iota of sense to do good work for the country rather than fishing for credit….This has never worked and will never work..Rajasthan or Bhilwara model has been Sachin Pilots idea and he has implemented it well….

  2. Good to see that prominent and elite leaders are practicing social distance at least and not taking tourism of bhilwara. Ofcourse not to mention further but compelled to write that each state/district/city is bestowed upon with the legacy of Nehru/Indira/Rajiv in some or other form. What not done in decades was creating massive health infrastructure, industry roll up and self dependent technology in country. Still we have to talk about poverty, social inequalities, corruption, no education and jobs.
    Bravo Gandhis.

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