Bhopal Woman Commits Suicide And Blames One Aadil Khan, Family Alleges He’d Introduced Himself As Bablu And Established A Relationship

On the day that Freedom of Religion law came into effect in Madhya Pradesh, yet another alleged case of love jihad has come to light.

A 26-year-old woman committed suicide in Madhya Pradesh’s Bhopal on Friday, and her family has claimed it to be a case of ‘love jihad’. The incident took place in the TT Nagar area of Bhopal. The victim left behind a suicide note, and blamed one Aadil Khan for her taking the extreme step.

The victim’s family alleges that Aadil Khan had introduced himself as Bablu to the victim, and established a relationship with her. When the victim learnt of his real identity, she tried distancing himself from Aadil Khan. “He told my daughter his name was Babloo and befriended her,” said the victim’s father. “When my daughter came to know that he lied she tried to distance herself from him, and in return he physically and verbally assaulted her,” he added.

After the woman’s family lodged a complaint against Aadil Khan, the police arrested him under relevant sections

The family has claimed that the woman committed suicide after suffering from harassment at the hands of the accused. The family members want the accused to be tried under MP’s newly enacted anti ‘love jihad’ law. However, police have not officially confirmed the case to be that of forced religious conversion.

Just yesterday, the Freedom of Religion Ordinance 2020 had come into effect in Madhya Pradesh. Under the new law, forced conversion of a minor, woman or a person from Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe, would draw a minimum jail term of 2-10 years with a minimum penalty of Rs 50,000. Any marriage solemnised only for the purpose of converting a person will be considered null and void under the provisions of this law. A person involved in converting another person by misleading, luring, threatening or through marriage would also be prosecuted.

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