Boys From A Particular Community Come To Temple To Eve Tease Women And Steal, Says Purjari Of Temple Where Asif Was Slapped

Startling new information has been uncovered in the case where a Muslim boy, Asif, was slapped while reportedly asking for water at a temple premises in Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh.

The temple pujari has claimed that Muslim boys regularly came to the temple to eve tease women and often stole from it. “First off, the boy (who was beaten) only looked like a boy. What he’s been indoctrinated with is not what children are exposed to. He wasn’t here to drink water,” the pujari said.

“There are several water taps right outside the temple,” he said, pointing to where the taps were. The pujari then also showed that there was a water tap at the entrance of the Mandir, while the boy was caught at a tap right at the end of the mandir. “Why would he walk 500 meters inside the temple just to drink water,” he says.

“Muslim boys don’t come to this temple to pray. They only come here to eve-tease girls. They perform obscene acts on our deities, and make obscene remarks,” the temple pujari said.

“The boy who was caught here worked as a kabadi. The Muslims from this area have already stolen wood and iron worth lakhs from this temple. They look like kids, enter the temple, recee the place, and then steal at night,” the pujari said. “We’ve also caught them urinating and spitting on our shivling, and getting goats to defecate there,” he added.

“That was the reason we put up the gate, and a board which said that the entry of Muslims is prohibited,” he said. He added that the board had been up for nearly 10 years. The pujari said that the area around the temple had 90% Muslims, and it had been a struggle for them to keep the temple running.

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