Breaking: Delhi Gunman Shahrukh Arrested From Bareily

Shahrukh, the man who’d shot 8 rounds on the streets of Delhi during the Delhi riots, is finally under arrest.

Shahrukh was reportedly hiding out at an acquaintance’s house in Bareily when he was arrested. The arrest was made by a special team of Delhi Police. He is currently being interrogated.

The police has revealed that Shahrukh’s full name is Shahrukh Pathan and he is 23 years old. His father is allegedly a drug peddler, had he been to jail several times.

Picture of Shahrukh Khan following his arrest

Shahrukh had hit national headlines after he was captured on tape brandishing a gun during the Delhi riots. In a video that had since gone viral, Shahrukh was seen approaching a Delhi policeman who was only wielding a lathi. He’s raised the gun threateningly at the Delhi Policeman, but the policeman had refused to back down. Shahrukh had then fired a shot towards a policeman which had missed.

After the video of his interaction with the policeman had gone viral, there had been speculations about his identity. Some people had claimed that he was a part of an anti-CAA mob, while others had said he was a pro-CAA protester. Even after locals had identified him as Shahrukh, fake news around his identity had swirled on the internet. This had been given legitimacy by prominent news anchors — Ravish Kumar, on his TV segment, had claimed that “people in social media were claiming that this man is Anurag Mishra”, following which the real Anurag Mishra had got threats.

It had been reported that Shahrukh had been arrested immediately after the incident, but these reports were later proven to be false. But the arrest appears to have finally been made, 8 days after the incident had taken place.

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