Burqa-Wearing Terrorist Among Four That Gunned Down Cop In Kashmir, Cops Had Opened Door Thinking It Was A Woman

A BJP leader was attacked by four terrorists in Kashmir, and terrorists used a burqa to conceal their identity.

A policeman was killed after four terrorists attacked the guard post of senior BJP leader Muhammad Anwar Khan’s house in Aribagh, Nowgam in Kashmir. One of the terrorists had worn a burqa to pretend to be a woman, which prompted security forces to open the door. “After examining the CCTV footage, one burqa clad militant knocks the door and when the door is opened, two others fire indiscriminately and the fourth one comes and takes away the rifle,” said Inspector General of Police Kashmir range Vijay Kumar.

“Initially (the police) thought the first one wearing burqa was a female, but after investigating the leads thoroughly, he was the male militant who had changed his voice to deceive the sentry on duty,” the Inspector General of Police added.

Two of the four militants involved in the act have been identified as Shahid Khursheed and Obaid Shafi. “Both belong to Lashkar-e-Toiba. The identity of two others is being ascertained who are also believed to be from Lashkar,” he added. The martyred policeman was named Rameez Raja.

Last year, BJP minister Raghuraj Singh had said that terrorists were using burqas to hide their identity, but his remarks were then deemed controversial. Several countries around the world have banned the burqa, and some for security reasons. Sri Lanka had imposed a ban on burqas after the deadly Easter attacks in the country, saying that burqas made it easy for terrorists to conceal their identity. Apart from Sri Lanka, several European countries, including France, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark and Switzerland have also banned the burqa.

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