Coronavirus Amit Shah’s Conspiracy To Remove Us: Watch 5 Most Bizarre Reasons Shaheen Bagh Continues To Protest

Put together low literacy rates, the political ambitions of community leaders, and non-stop fear mongering by the liberal media, and what do you get? A cocktail for a man-made biological disaster.

Even as India hunkers down amidst the coronavirus outbreak, Shaheen Bagh remains defiant — protesters continue to congregate at the site where they’ve now been squatting for over three months, and despite repeated appeals by the government and the medical community, refuse to budge. Even as experts warn that Shaheen Bagh could become a hotbed for coronavirus infections, Shaheen Bagh’s protesters continue its sit-in. Here are some of the most bizarre reasons they give for continuing the protest.

1.This is a call from Allah, we don’t fear the coronavirus:

Even as the coronavirus has now claimed more than 10,000 lives worldwide, a Shaheen Bagh protester said she didn’t fear it. “This is the call from Allah. If the government is so concerned about us, they should first withdraw the law,” a protester told Times Now. We do not fear Coronavirus,” she said.

2. Amit Shah got the virus from China to disperse Shaheen Bagh

Another protester said that the virus was the government’s ploy to disperse the many “baghs” around the country. “We started with the NRC, NPR, CAA protests. The virus was initially only in China. How did it come here? Maybe it was a ploy by the government to remove us,” said a protester.

3. The Virus can affect us in our homes too

The entire world is currently practicing social distancing to slow down the spread of the virus, but the message has clearly not reached Shaheen Bagh. “Is it necessary we will get coronavirus if we come to protests? It can happen in our homes also,” said a protester. “”It is an excuse to remove the protests. Either by Amit Shah or by Kejriwal,” said another protester

4. We wash our hands 5 times a day for Namaaz, we are safe

Another protester said that because the protesters at Shaheen Bagh were washing their hands five times a day for Namaz, they were safe. “Washing hands regularly is part of our lifestyle. We offer namaz five times a day and we wash our hands every time,” said Rizwana, a protester.

5. “Corona comes from Quran, we aren’t afraid”

Another protester claimed that since the word “corona” came from the “Quran”, the protesters needn’t worry. “There is no corona here at Shaheen Bagh. Corona emerged from the Quran. What is Corona? Deadlier diseases than corona will come. God willing, we will remain unscathed from those diseases. However, it is a matter of concern for them. They should be worried,” an adamant protester said.

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One thought on “Coronavirus Amit Shah’s Conspiracy To Remove Us: Watch 5 Most Bizarre Reasons Shaheen Bagh Continues To Protest

  1. God forbid if even one person gets affected not only by Carina virus but lung infection, all people around will get affected. Their leaders will then run away from the scene.

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