Days After Tanishq Ad, Hindu Woman Who’d Self Immolated After Harassment From Interfaith In-Laws Dies In Hospital

Days after Tanishq had released its controversial ad which showed a Hindu bride being welcomed into a Muslim household, India has had a rude awakening as to just how far the advertisement was divorced from reality.

Anjali Tiwari, who’d changed her name to Ayesha after her wedding, has succumbed to her burn injuries. On 13th October, Anjali had set fire to herself outside the Vidhan Sabha in Uttar Pradesh accusing her Muslim in-laws of harassment. The police personnel present at the scene had attempted to douse the flames, and the video of the incident had gone viral on social media.

As per reports, Anjali had married one Akhilesh Tiwari in Maharajaganj. The 35-year-old woman got divorced, after which she fell in love with one Asif and got married to him after accepting Islam. Soon after the marriage, Asif left for Saudi Arabia. The woman has accused her in-laws of harassment. The woman has alleged that she had tried to lodge a complaint in the Maharajganj police station but she failed, so she wanted to meet the CM.

Anjali Tiwari’s tragic story couldn’t be further from the sugary-sweet Tanishq ad, but it’s hardly unique. The very day the ad was released, two Hindu men had been killed by the families of their Muslim partners. In Bengaluru, Hindu man Lakshmipathi was killed by the family of his Muslim girlfriend because her father was opposed to the inter-faith union, and in Delhi, 18-year-old Rahul was murdered by Mohammad Afroz, Mohammad Raj and 3 others over his relationship with a Muslim girl. OpIndia reported that 20 cases of love jihad had been reported in just the last two months, and 11 cases were reported from Kanpur alone. Things have come to such a head that the Uttar Pradesh government is mulling an ordinance to check the barbaric practice, and the Assam government has said that it’ll take serious measures to fight love jihad in its state.

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