Doctor Responds After Kunal Kamra Hints He’ll Show Middle Finger At 5 PM During Janta Curfew

Even as people have responded with shock at horror at Kunal Kamra’s tweet in which he’d implied that he’d show the middle finger while the rest of India honours its health workers at 5 pm tomorrow, a doctor — true to form — has responded in the classiest way possible.

“You may show doctors your middle finger, like so many creeps do, but we will still try our best to save your life if you fall sick. Because unlike yours, our life isn’t a joke,” wrote Mumbai-based surgeon Amit Thadani.

It’s an amazingly dignified response, and one that would be expected from someone in medicine. Doctors in India are routinely subjected to harassment from relatives of patients who aren’t happy with the outcome of the treatments they provide, but now doctors are also being targeted by India’s left-liberals, who are using PM Modi’s Janta Curfew to mock their efforts.

Earlier today, Kunal Kamra today posted a picture on his twitter account showing himself standing in front of a balcony and showing the middle finger. “Prepping (preparing) for tomorrow,” he’d written.

Kamra’s tweet was in response to PM Modi’s call for a self-imposed national curfew. Two days ago, PM Modi had urged the nation to come together to thank the emergency service workers for working through the novel coronavirus outbreak. In his address, the prime minister suggested that every Indian must come out of their houses, stand in balcony or window at exactly 5 pm on Sunday, March 22 and express gratitude towards the people who are working tirelessly to keep them safe in midst of the crisis. “On March 22, at 5 pm stand on your doors and windows for 5 minutes and clap, ring a bell to salute people who are serving the nation tirelessly,” PM Modi had said.

But Dr. Amit Thadani’s response shows that even when India’s leftists are mocking doctors while they’re busy saving lives during the coronavirus, India’s doctors will still be hard at work, undeterred by the barbs they receive. These are the heroes India needs right now.

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6 thoughts on “Doctor Responds After Kunal Kamra Hints He’ll Show Middle Finger At 5 PM During Janta Curfew

  1. Ok now I understand who this guy is….He is absconding from the Kanpur Mental Hospital……

  2. Airlines throw him out!
    Court throws him out!
    Fortunately, the medical fraternity is ready to help him despite showing his middle finger to them!
    Your life has become a pathetic joke, Kunal

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