Garuda Decides To Publish Delhi Riots Book, Site Crashes With Traffic From Pre-orders

A leftist mob might’ve ensured that Bloomsbury wouldn’t publish Delhi Riots 2020 book, but it appears that the book will see the light of day after all — and might break some records while doing so.

Garuda Prakshan has decided to publish Delhi Riots 2020: The Untold Story, less than a day after Bloomsbury had pulled out. The announcement was made by the publisher today evening. “It’s official now: @GarudaPrakashan is going to bring the book of @advmonikaarora ji, #DelhiRiotsUntoldStory in English and Hindi both. Pre-buy links will be shared with you soon. Keep following us! Thank you all for putting your trust in Garuda,” the account tweeted.

Things moved quite quickly after that — within a few minutes, the book was available for pre-orders on Garuda’s website. People soon began ordering the book online, and started sharing screenshots of their orders on social media.

Some people even said they’d buy additional copies to share with their friends and family.

The demand for the book was such that Garuda’s site crashed. Screenshots showing the site not being responsive began being shared.

But Garuda responded quickly — the publisher opened up orders on WhatsApp and email, allowing people to continue ordering the book. The demand for the book was such that Garuda began trending on Twitter.

This is something that the leftists clearly wouldn’t have bargained for — when they’d tried pressuring Bloomsbury into dissociating itself from the book, they would’ve hoped that the move would cause the book to die a quiet death. But instead, the book has managed to find a new publisher less than 24 hours later, and going by the pre-orders, seems set to break some Indian publishing records. And to top it all, the intolerance of India’s leftist extremists is exposed for all to see. This is the Streisand effect in action in the age of social media — the more India’s left tries to bury and the truth, the bigger and stronger it ends up becoming.

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