He Told Me His Name Was Sonu, Later Learnt He Was A Muslim: Woman Attempting To Marry At Aligarh Court

Days after the UP government had enacted new laws to prevent marriages under false pretenses, a new Love Jihad case has come to light.

Dramatic scenes were witnessed at an Aligarh court after an interfaith couple attempted to get married at the premises. The man, who identified himself as Sonu Malik, was looking to get married to a Hindu woman. But after an uproar at the courts, it has now emerged that the man had pretended to be Hindu while courting the woman.

“He told me his name was Sonu. It was only later I realized he was Muslim,” the woman told reporters outside the court.

The woman said that the duo had begun talking on Facebook, where the man had identified himself as Sonu. “He told me he was a Hindu. I was talking to him thinking he was a Hindu. It’s only later that I learnt he was a Muslim” the woman said.

The man had driven her all the way from Chandigarh on a bike, and wanted to get married in Aligarh. “But when we tried to get married in the court, the lawyers present there had questions for us,” the woman said.

After knowing the man as Sonu, the woman said that he learnt of his religious identity only based on how his family talked. “They said Salam a-Alelikum, which is something only Muslims say,” she told reporters.

When asked if she had been misled by the man, the woman told reporters, “Yes, a little.” He said that he couldn’t live without me, said he’d consume poison if he couldn’t be with me, the woman added.

It’s precisely to stop marriages like these that the UP government had enacted a law which prevented marriages from occurring though deceit, force, and false pretenses. Hundreds of cases have now come to light of Muslim men pretending to be Hindu to marry Hindu women, but later forcing them to convert to their religions, and in many cases, killing them if they resist. “There were more than 100 incidents reported in which forceful religious conversion was being done. Also, it was reported that religious conversions were going on in the state using deceitful means. So to make a law on this becomes an important matter of policy now,” UP Cabinet Minister Siddharth Nath Singh had earlier said.

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