Hindustan Times Journalist Says Lord Krishna Was A “Womanizer” And A “F*ckboi”

If you wonder why India’s liberal media seems to be so biased against Hindus, you need to look no further than the people working at these outlets.

Srishti Jaswal, a correspondent for the Hindustan Times, has called Lord Krishna a “fuckboi” and a “maniac” on Twitter. “Because this is what Krishna did. He was a womaizer, a fuckboi and a commitment phobic manic,” Srishti Jaswal wrote in a tweet. Jaswal went on to claim that her opinion was valid because she’d studied religious texts. “And I’m a Hindu and I’ve read mythology,” he continued. Jaswal has made her Twitter account private after outrage over this particular tweet.

As per her LinkedIn, Srishti Jaswal has been an education correspondent for the Hindustan Times since 2018, and has previously interned with left-leaning propaganda outlet CNN. Jaswal has a Bachelors and Masters degree in Psychology, and a PG Diploma in Mass Communication from IIMC.

It’s strange how journalists seem to think little of abusing Hindu gods in the choicest terms possible, but seem to never criticize figures from other religions. One would be hard-pressed to find a similar tweet about religious figures from Islam from any mainstream journalist. But the selective secularism of left-leaning journalists in India seems to cause them to single out Hindu gods for abuse.

This bias passes on to their coverage as well. In the past, Hindustan Times has often been accused of having a bias against Hindus, while shielding people of other faiths. HT had tried to whitewash the crimes of the Pulwala bomber while claiming that apathy from the government led him to take to terrorism. HT’s much-criticized Hate Tracker was also accused of selectively highlighting violence against Muslims while ignoring violence against Hindus.

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