Here’s How Far-Left Propagandists Tried Peddling Their Agendas This Holi

Another Hindu festival is upon us, which means another occasion for India’s leading far-left propagandists to peddle their hateful agendas.

India’s far-left propagandists have once again come out in full force to peddle their agendas this Holi. The Wire ran a story centered around Holi, and highlighted how the character’s mother says that only ‘loose girls’ play Holi. “According to Ma, though, girls like me have to be careful on Holi. Only loose girls play colours with boys they don’t know, she says, and boys can sometimes force unaccompanied girls to play Holi with them,” it said.

If that wasn’t enough, The Wire also somehow managed to bring in a caste angle as well, picking up a line from the story about a house-help wasn’t allowed to play Holi with the family. “But all that was a very long time ago. Now she scrubs floors and dishes every day for the Boses, the Mukherjees, and the Singhs. How can she play Holi with us?” The Wire tweeted, helpfully adding hashtags around Trigger Warning and Sexual violence.

Scroll, predictably, published an article on how Mughal emperors celebrated Holi, seemingly a part of its ongoing campaign to whitewash the crimes of Mughal emperors.

But it didn’t miss a chance to put Hindus in the dock either, publishing an article around how Covid norms were flouted in Vrindavan.

The Quint published a truly bizarre video which combined Holi with the Delhi riots, and spoke of “nafrat ki pichkaris”.

Perhaps the strangest bit of coverage came from BBC Hindi. Holi is a Hindu festival, but BBC Hindi posted a series of tweets on how Muslim poets had spoken about Holi.

BBC’s English service has hundreds of articles on how cultural appropriation is problematic, but thought nothing of Islamising a Hindu festival.

Akash Banerjee, meanwhile, subtly urged people to not celebrate Holi, sharing a meme on Instagram which implied that while ‘kids’ play Holi, “legends” prefer staying underground and don’t celebrate the festival.

The easiest way to recognize propaganda against Hinduism is to see if the exact same things could be said for other religions in India. Could any of these news stories have been carried on say, Eid or Christmas? Imagine the Wire running a story on Popes molesting Children on Christmas, and characters in stories saying that that’s the reason why they don’t celebrate Christmas, or Akash Banerjee posting memes about how ‘Legends’ don’t celebrate Eid at all. But they don’t, which shows this selective bias against Hinduism is a concerted attack against a particular faith, and part of a decades-long campaign to demean, malign and attempt to eradicate the Hindu way of life.

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