Indians Share Pictures Of Their Hearty Meals In Response To Farmer Protesters’ Appeal Of Entire Country Fasting For a Day

When you call for a nationwide protest in support of a movement that’s increasingly being seen as illegitimate and politically motivated, the results aren’t always what you’d expect.

Indians have begun sharing photos of their hearty meals in response to the protesting farmers’ appeal of fasting for a day. The Kisan Ekta Morcha had yesterday appealed to the entire country to observe a fast on 30th january. The Morcha had thought that this would help galvanize support for the movement, which has been flailing since the protesters ran amuck in the national capital on Republic Day.

But the appeal seems to have backfired, and prompted many Indians to share photos of their hearty meals, in an apparent rebuke to the ongoing farmer’s protest. “Finished this plate in just 5 minutes. Is it too fast?”, wrote a Twitter user while sharing a picture of a delicious-looking chola bhatura.

Yet another user shared a picture of what looked like some sort of chicken curry with the caption “Maza aa gaya khana kha ke (It was a great meal).”

Another user shared a picture of an elaborate Thali they’d made.

Twitter user Nehal Tyagi also shared a picture of an elaborate thali with paneer, rice, curd, dal and naan. “Full support,” she wrote.

And there were food pictures from all parts of India — a user shared a dish all the way from Kerala.

The west was represented by a photos of dhoklas.

As expected, there were lots of pizza pictures. The alleged farmers had been seen enjoying pizzas during their protests, and now people responded with pizzas of their own in response to their call to fast.

Others shared pictures of dry fruits, another item that was being liberally distributed during the protests.

There were all kinds of cuisines. Twitter user Being_Humor shared Chinese noodles.

And there were, of course, desserts. “A sublime Tres leches Cake to mark today’s date. Lol,” wrote a Twitter user.

There were snacks…

…there were chaats…

…and there was traditional Indian food.

Some people shared pictures of beverages too.

The fact that the internet was flooded with food pictures — Twitter could’ve been mistaken for Instagram on 30th January — shows the degree to which the supposed farmer protest has lost credibility among India’s masses. The images of the violence on Republic Day, in which policemen were beaten, property destroyed, and the Red Fort defiled with a religious flag are clearly singed into people’s memories. And by sharing pictures of delicious food during a nation-wide call to fast might be the most interesting — and lip-smacking — way for the nation to repudiate the goings-on on Delhi’s borders.

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