India’s ‘Feminists’ Remain Completely Silent On Nikita Tomar’s Murder By Tauseef

A woman has been shot dead in broad daylight, the footage of her grisly murder is viral, and students have been protesting in her hometown, but the supposed champions of women’s issues seem to have nothing at all to say on the issue.

India’s self-proclaimed feminists, who are quick to raise their voices on all manner of women’s rights issues, are completely silent on the brutal murder of Nikita Tomar, 21, by one Tauseef. Yesterday, Tauseef attempted to kidnap Nikita in his car, and when she resisted, shot her point blank. He then immediately fled the scene. Nikita’s family has said that Tauseef had been pressuring her to convert and marry him, and when rebuffed, killed Nikita.

However, self-proclaimed feminist Swara Bhasker hasn’t spoken up at all about the issue. It’s been nearly 10 hours since the news broke, but Swara Bhasker has instead been posting her ‘shenanigans’ from her vanity van with a series of happy emojis.

Kunal Kamra, who had raised the issue of the Hathras rape repeatedly, is completely silent too. His latest post, hours after the news broke, is about campaigning for a candidate in the Bihar elections.

Rana Ayyub, who had again been vocal on the Hathras case, doesn’t have a single post on the murder of Nikita Tomar. She has instead been posting about how textbooks are ignoring the contributions of Muslim people.

Sagarika Ghose has completely ignored the issue too, and has been tweeting about the Bihar elections.

Sonam Kapoor, who’d held up placards for the Kathua case, doesn’t have a single tweet on the issue.

Barkha Dutt has ignored the issue completely as well. Her last tweet is about sharing heart emojis in response to someone who’d praised her ‘journalism’.

Dhruv Rathee completely ignored Niktia Tomar as well, even 10 hours after her murder video went viral, and has instead chosen to put up a video about caste reservation.

Akash Banerjee, who runs a channel called Deshbhakt which had been very vocal about the Hathras case, hasn’t spoken a single word about Nikita Tomar. He’s instead been tweeting about the Bihar elections.

This, of course, is a huge disservice to Nikita Tomar, who lost her life to a hate crime, but will be completely ignored by the left-leaning mainstream media. Her death doesn’t fit into the narrative that the left usually tries to propagate, and reporting on her murder will bring into sharp relief the problem of love jihad, which liberals have been trying to brush under the carpet for years. And the studied silence of these self-professed feminists shows that while they claim to speak up about women, what they really care about is speaking up for women it’s expedient to meet their political and social goals.

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