Jaipur-Based Publisher Sanjiv Prakashan’s Office Vandalized Over Answer Around Islamic Terrorism In Class 12 Pass Book

A book publisher in Jaipur has had its office vandalized over the content in one of the books it had published.

The office of Sanjiv Prakashan, a Jaipur-based publisher, was vandalized by a group of people. The group of people were unhappy over a section in a book around Islamic terrorism. Three people were arrested in the incident, ANI reported.

The section in the book that appears to have offended this group of people is an essay in response to the question “What do you understand by Islamic terrorism?” This is a question that appears in the official Rajasthan board’s Political Science book for Class 12.

Sanjiv Prakashan, in its guide or “Pass Book” for the Class 12 Political Science paper, had written an answer to the question for students to use in exams.

“Islamic terrorism is one of the manifestations of Islam, which has been gaining in power for the last 20-30 years,” the book’s answer says. “Islamic terrorists don’t sympathize with one group of people, but with a religion. This loyalty towards a religion is one of the main features of Islamic terrorism. In the name of Allah, terrorists often sacrifice their lives with extreme cruelty, blackmail others, launder money and engage in heartless, cold-blooded murders. One of the examples of Islamic terrorism is seen in Jammu and Kashmir, which is religious and separatist in nature,” it adds.

This appears to have angered a group of people, which in turn ransacked the Sajiv Prakashan office, overturned chairs, and tore apart books. The police eventually stepped in, and three people were arrested.

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