JNU PhD Scholar Reveals How He Was Boycotted By Leftist Students In Heartbreaking Letter

The left has happily accepted the “liberal” moniker the world over, but it isn’t particularly liberal when it comes to accepting views that don’t conform with its own.

A PhD scholar has revealed the astonishing political bigotry that’s rampant at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi. ” When I took admission in JNU, I thought that I’ll get to be in an environment of debate and discussion,” wrote Vikas Singh Gautam. “But what I saw was a totally different culture here. People here don’t know anything better than imposing their views on you. There is a fixed criteria of being intellectual – If you are following Left or left inclined only then you are considered rational , liberal progressive , feminist and modern,” he said.

“If you don’t toe the line, if you have friends instead of “Comrades”, and you’re not a Leftist, then you are – Irrational, Conservative, Fascist , Casteist, Communal and “Sanghi”. Political untouchability is practiced against you in case you don’t follow their dictums,” he wrote.

Gautam had first-hand experience of such a social boycott – last month, he was boycotted from social, hostel and academic views of the college because he did not toe the leftist line. He’d shared screenshots of how he was removed from WhatsApp groups, and the post had gone viral. “They pasted posters with my name and photograph all over the campus, calling me a ‘Traitor’, a ‘Goon’ and what not. They left no stone unturned to humiliate a Dalit Student who tried to take a conscious, independent stand, and did not participate in Group-Think,” he said.

Gautam also said that while the leftists at JNU claim to be against the caste system, they’ve created one of their own — and placed themselves at the very top. “The above incidence shows how JNU Left practices a Political Caste System, where the the louder you cry slogans of Red Revolution, the more Savarna you are socially and politically within the Student Community.The most vocal of Leftists form this cream of Casteist Supremacy. If you do not agree, you are a pariah, a social outcast,” he said.

This account provides an insider’s view of what really goes on at the controversial university. Over the last few months, JNU students have clashed with the police when their hostel fees was increased from Rs. 10 to Rs. 300, vandalized their own campus with graffiti, disfigured a statue of Swami Vivekananda, locked up a professor in a classroom for 24 hours and spray-painted “Brahmins leave India” on their campus. But that fact that they treat one of their own — a fellow PhD student — with such contempt shows the degree of radical intolerance that’s now prevalent at JNU.

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