Joy Bhattacharjya Attempts To Cancel Journalist Anand Narasimhan For Simply Posting About Reading Rahul Roushan’s Sanghi Who Never Went To Shakha

After reporting the people they didn’t agree with to government authorities, doxxing them, and getting them fired, India’s liberals have now graduated to book burnings.

Joy Bhattacharjya, who had previously worked with ESPN and was also the Team Director of Kolkata Knight Riders, has questioned TV 18 Executive Editor Anand Narasimhan’s character simply for posting an update on Twitter about reading OpIndia founder Rahul Roushan’s book ‘Sanghi who never went to Shakha’. “Many years ago, while at ESPN Star Sports, we did a Harsha Ki Khoj, our search for a new generation of anchors. There were many who were a part of that journey- Puneet Pal Singh, Manish Batavia, Sunil Taneja, Padamjeet Sehrawat and so many others who became top notch anchors, sports producers and, more importantly, good friends. But I do apologize for helping kickstart this man’s career in broadcasting. We obviously did not look hard enough at character,” he wrote. To his post, he added a Twitter update from Narasimhan, in which he’d said he was about to start reading ‘Sanghi Who Never Went To A Shakha’.

Now it’s hard to understand how simply reading a book could imply that a man has no character, but the cancelling of books — and the people reading them — has been a common tactic in totalitarian regimes, and has usually been accompanied by horrific violence. In 213 BC, Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang had reportedly burned books and buried 460 Confucian scholars alive; Spanish conquistadors, who’d committed unspeakable atrocities on native Aztec and Mayan populations, had also burned their books, and closer home, the library at Nalanda was sacked and burned by Bakhtiyar Khilji. The Nazis, who’d massacred an estimated 6 million Jews, had burned books which supposedly “acted subversively on our future or struck at the root of German thought.”

In modern India, liberals are once again attempting to do much of the same. But burning Kindles is slightly more cumbersome than burning books, so they’re trying to do the next best thing — attempting to bully and silence those who read books that don’t necessarily conform to their worldviews. It’s a clever tactic — by simply not letting alternative viewpoints be propagated, liberals can continue to propagate the falsehoods they’ve been peddling for generations, and by not allowing books with opposing arguments to be read, they don’t have to answer uncomfortable questions about their beliefs and actions. Luckily, the stranglehold that liberals have over culture in India is waning, and ‘Sanghi Who Never Went To Shakha’ is already a smash hit. And if you’d like to give Joy Bhattacharjya an aneurysm and send him scurrying into writing another rant on Facebook, you can buy your copy here.

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