Kashmiri Students Returning From Bangladesh Refuse Quarantine, Vandalize Srinagar Airport

Even as the government is scrambling to identify and quarantine all people who could be exposed to the coronavirus, not everyone is helping out with its efforts.

Kashmiri students returning from Bangladesh vandalized the Srinagar airport after government officials sought to quarantine them. After medical authorities requested the 160 returning students to be quarantined, they began protesting, and broke the windows and glass panes of Srinagar International Airport’s arrival area.

And if one could’ve hoped that these students’ parents who help authorities reason with them, quite the opposite happened — the parents of these students also started a protest outside the arrival terminal of the Airport. The airport authority and Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) then called in local police for resolving the issue. “The police party along with magistrate reached the spot and tried to pacify the protesters, but they did not budge and continued with vandalism. Therefore, the police party on the directions of the magistrate, using all restraint, dispersed the protestors,” the Kashmir Police said.

The students were eventually sent for quarantine at pre-designated locations by the district administration. Police have urged all the members of society to cooperate with it in order to curb the coronavirus outbreak.

While this might be the first case of vandalism, this isn’t the first instance when people have refused to cooperate with the government in its efforts to battle the coronavirus. Earlier, the wife of a Google techie based out of Bangalore who had contracted coronavirus had allegedly taken a flight and a train to reach her hometown in Agra, and then had tried to hide from the health authorities. In Karnataka, four men had refused to be quarantined and threatened health officials claiming that the treatment was against Islam. In Punjab, seven people suspected to be infected with coronavirus had gone missing. Two American tourists had also escaped from their hospital in Kerala after they were suspected to be infected with coronavirus. Most recently, a Bollywood singer had allegedly attended several parties and come into contact with hundreds of people after not self-quarantining after returning from abroad.

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One thought on “Kashmiri Students Returning From Bangladesh Refuse Quarantine, Vandalize Srinagar Airport

  1. Dear
    Is the virus selective and can be carried only by students who have been quarantined and stays away from all other passengers who were from different age groups from various parts of India and abroad.The irony is that they were let off without any scrutiny.All the passengers were provided with a self attested undertaking that they had no international travel history in the recent days.How can there statements b taken as authentic.Well thats a point to ponder upon?

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