Kunal Kamra Harasses Arnab Goswami On Indigo Flight, Could Be Placed On No-Fly List

The violent nature of India’s Tukde Tukde gang has spilled over from the internet into the real world.

Alleged comedian Kunal Kamra, best known for holding up “Don’t vote for Modi” posters before the 2019 Lok Sabha election, today shared a video of him harassing Repubic TV’s Arnab Goswami while aboard an aeroplane. In the profanity-ridden video, Kamra taunts Goswami as a “coward”, and describes himself as a member of the “Tukde Tukde gang.” He then goes off on a incoherent rant, repeatedly asking Arnab to confront him. Arnab ignores Kamra completely, at which point Kamra loses his cool and uses the f-word several times.

Kunal Kamra’s antics might’ve managed to generate some content for his social media profiles, but his behaviour was widely panned by netizens.

And Kamra’s boorish act wasn’t only comdemnable, it was also illegal — Indian aviation rules prohibit behaviour such as Kamra’s on flights. The National No Fly List identifies disruptive passengers and temporarily prohibits them from boarding flights. Offences are categorised into three levels punishable by lengthier bans — inappropriate physical gestures, verbal harassment and unruly inebriation are Level 1 offences and are punishable with ban of up to 3 months. Physically abusive behaviour, including inappropriate touching, are Level 2 offences punishable by ban of up to 6 months. Any action that threatens the life of a passenger or attempts to damage to aircraft systems constitutes of Level 3 offence and is punishable with a mandatory minimum ban of at least 2 years.

In the very least, Kamra’s expletive-filled rant and taunts form a Level 1 offence, which would prevent him from boarding any Indian flights for 3 months. Had it not been for Goswami’s exceptional restraint, Kamra’s taunts could let to a physical fight on the plane, which could’ve endangered the lives of all passengers on board. But as the CAA protests have shown, Indian liberals don’t care about following rules, or the well-being of their fellow citizens — they only want to further their toxic agenda wherever they go.

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