Kunal Kamra Hints He’ll Be Showing The Middle Finger To Healthcare Workers At 5 PM Tomorrow

While most of the country is gearing up to observe the Janta curfew and honour the healthcare workers who’re putting themselves on the front lines to battle the coronavirus, not everyone is on board.

Comedian Kunal Kamra today posted a picture on his twitter account showing himself standing in front of a balcony and showing the middle finger. “Prepping (preparing) for tomorrow,” he wrote.

Two days ago, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi had urged the nation to come together to thank the emergency service workers for working through the novel coronavirus outbreak. In his address, the prime minister suggested that every Indian must come out of their houses, stand in balcony or window at exactly 5 pm on Sunday, March 22 and express gratitude towards the people who are working tirelessly to keep them safe in midst of the crisis. “On March 22, at 5 pm stand on your doors and windows for 5 minutes and clap, ring a bell to salute people who are serving the nation tirelessly,” PM Modi had said.

The move had appealed to people on both sides the political aisle — even hardened left-wingers had applauded the idea. Shabana Azmi, who regularly attacks the Modi government, had said that the idea was a “master stroke”, and a way to unite all Indians for the battle ahead.

Sonam Kapoor, another “liberal”, had said retweeted a tweet that said that it was time to applaud our doctors and nurses.

Even the rest of the world is implementing similar ideas — in Italy, China and Belgium, crowds of people have gathered in their balconies, clapped, and sang songs to honour their healthcare workers.

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Getting prepared for Janta Curfew

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But there’s a leftist fringe in India — of which Kamra seems to be a member — that not only refuses to participate in the move to hounor doctors and nurses, but seems to be actively mocking it. Doctors and nurses are putting themselves at great risk as coronavirus spreads across India, and some heroic stories are also emerging — a doctor in Odisha continued working even as his mother passed away. Most of India will thank millions of such healthcare professionals for their service on Sunday, but if Kunal Kamra’s tweet is any indication, it looks as though leftists will instead use the time to mock their efforts.

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