Left-Liberals Have Epic Meltdown After India’s Metro Man E Sreedharan Joins BJP

India’s left-liberal cabal has been in a state of suspended outrage for the last seven years — and their pain just doesn’t seem to stop.

Earlier this week, E Sreedharan, fondly known as India’s metro man, joined the BJP. Sreedharan is widely acknowledged as one of the architects of modern India, having built the challenging Konkan Railway, and then spearheading the construction of the Delhi metro, finishing it on time and within the stipulated budget. For his efforts, he’s been awarded the Padma Shri in 2001, named as one of Asia’s heroes by the Time Magazine in 2003, conferred France’s Chevalier de la Légion d’honneur in 2005, and the Padma Vibhushan in 2008.

But for India’s left-liberal lobby, all this counts for nothing after he’s joined the BJP in 2021.

Left-leaning troll Swati Chaturvedi said she was embarrassed for him, and said he was spoiling his legacy. “I feel embarrassed for E Sridharan why spoil a wonderful legacy with joining the Bjp,” she tweeted.

Congress’ Shama Mohamed said that joining the BJP was it a “fall” for the great man.

Left-leaning propaganda channel NDTV’s Sanket Upadhyay tried to attack Sreedharan, who is 88, over his age. “88 year old Metro Man E Sreedharan joins BJP. A party that has an electoral cut off of 75. 13 years late to the party?” he snarkily tweeted.

Harvard scam victim Nidhi Razdan said she was “so disappointed” while replying to a user’s comment who’d declared that E Sreedharan wasn’t a man of science after he’d spoken about love jihad.

Some liberals went a step further — they began to claim that Sreedharan wasn’t even responsible for building the Delhi metro in the first place. “The truth about Delhi Metro is that the credit should rightfully go to the Japanese. The entire design and plans are basically identical to Tokyo metro, the technology is Japanese, and the bulk of funding is Japanese,” wrote a blue-check Twitter account.

And some other leftists began attacking Sreedharan, saying that while he wasn’t responsible the success of the metro, he was fully responsible for not connecting it properly to other modes of transport. “The failure to connect properly with other modes of transport, that was 100% Sreedharan,” wrote another account.

All this, of course, is completely ludicrous — until Sreedharan had joined the BJP, he was universally accepted as India’s metro man, and was feted by all. But the simple matter of joining the world’s largest political party seems to have set off left-liberals, who are now only only saying that they’re embarrassed by him, but also denying his very contributions. But this is nothing new — since 2014, left-liberals have been outraged each time their fake narratives are exposed by facts on the ground, and then proceeded to take to social media to vent. All this has been very amusing for the rest of India to watch, and given how the country’s best and brightest continue to join the BJP, this liberal outrage could continue for many years to come.

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