Liberal Intolerance: Vir Das Forced To Delete Tweet Making Fun Of Pronouns After Far-Left Mob Sets Upon Him

There are few sights as glorious as leftist loonies setting upon leftist loonies.

Alleged comedian Vir Das today tried making fun of the absurd pronouns movement, which requires people to declare their own pronouns in the name of inclusiveness. “My pronouns are Heh/Huh,” he tweeted, a snide reference to how leftist men seem to think it necessary to let people know that their pronouns are he/him.

Das’ joke might’ve been mediocre and lame, much like the rest of his material, but that wasn’t the reason the internet was aghast — a troll leftist liberal army set upon Das’ tweet for his supposed transphobia. “Sir, do you even realise the gravity of the situation? The prevalent transphobia? It’s not a JokE that you think it is,” wrote a Twitter user.

Some people called him an idiot.

Others called him an asshole.

Such was the backlash that Vir Das was forced to defend his tweet. In a rare moment of self-reflection, he agreed that he was indeed an idiot. “Reading responses. Please calm down. The joke is very much about me being an idiot, not you,” he pleaded.

But the leftist mob would have none of it. Some people began telling him that his joke was against “minority communities”.

Others wondered where the joke was, which is a common refrain among those who happen to watch his comedy shows.

Such was the ferocity of the attack that Vir Das was ultimately forced to eat humble pie and delete his tweet. “Challo. Joke deleted because a LOT of people got upset and I feel like it was misunderstood. Supposed to be self deprecating. Hope everyone can breathe again. Cheers,” he wrote.

This is classic fascism, where freedom of speech is suppressed, and any violations from the prevailing orthodoxy are brutally shot down and killed — Vir Das faced threats and name calling for just trying to make a joke on a topic the far-left is touchy about. But it’s unlikely that Vir Das will learn anything from the incident — he’ll soon be tweeting what he wants against the BJ, RSS and Hindus with no retribution, and simultaneously claim that the Modi government is suppressing his freedom of speech.

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