Modi Government Is Her Second Parent: Man Whose Daughter Was Evacuated From Italy

Even as India is pulling out all stops in battling the coronavirus at home, heartening stories of people who’ve managed to get back to India while stuck abroad are also emerging.

A man whose daughter was evacuated from Italy has called the Modi government her “second parent”. “I used to think I am the only father of my daughter but now I have found out that the Modi government is the second parent to my daughter. Thanks to the PM… I will work for him voluntarily, ” said Sujay Kadam, whose daughter was stranded in Milan.

Kadam said that his daughter had left for Milan in Italy for her Masters, but her college was shut down because of the coronavirus outbreak. “On 28th February she said that everything is okay and signed the rent agreement for four months but on 10th of March everything closed down including supermarkets,” he told Times Now.

The situation worsened in the coming days. With the city under lockdown, Kadam told his daughter to come back to India. But by this time, the Italian government was asking for certification to fly back to India.

Kadam then sent an SOS mail to the Indian embassy in Italy on 12th March. He hadn’t expected a swift response — Italy was battling a full-blown coronavirus epidemic at this point, with hundreds dying every day, and the entire country shut down. But to his surprise, the Indian Embassy in Italy called him on the night of March 13, informing him that his daughter will be flying back to India on 14th.

Finally on 15th March, just three days after he’d contacted the Indian Embassy, his daughter returned to India, and was kept in quarantine at ITBP hospital. The elated father said that the government took care of everything including medication and food just as parents take care of their children.

He also said that Indians stranded abroad needn’t worry. “Students and parents, please don’t panic. The Indian Embassy is taking good care of all Indian citizens as their kids.”

Kadam also thanked the Indian Embassy staff, including Air India crew and ITBP hospital staff. “Honestly, I used to blame the Indian government for many years,” he said. “But now I have found out that the Modi government is the second parent to my daughter. Thanks to the PM… I will work for him voluntarily,” he added.

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