Netizens Call To Reinstate True Indology’s Account, Suspended After IPS D Roopa Said Its “Time Was Up”

One of India’s most loved Twitter accounts has been taken down yet again, and a massive online movement has begun to get it reinstated.

#BringBackTrueIndology is the top trend in India after True Indology’s Twitter account was taken down today morning. True Indology, on their Facebook page, blamed a public argument they had been having with IPS officer D Roopa for the suspension. “One IPS officer from Bengaluru (Twitter India Head Quarters) issued directives to ban Diwali crackers. She said that crackers were not mentioned in ancient texts. I disagreed with her and showed her references from Ananda Ramayana and Skanda Purana.S he challenged me to divulge my personal details. I refused to divulge those details. She then said “Your time is up”. And boom. My account was suspended within 5 minutes. What a sweet coincidence! Twitter sent no mail. Gave no reason. Simply suspended my account,” True Indology wrote.

True Indology and IPS officer D Roopa had been sparring on Twitter last evening over whether crackers were a part of India’s ancient traditions. At 3:37 am last night, D Roopa had send out the following tweet: “Crying victim on some imaginary bullying. U with ur faceless/nameless trolls will troll with all abusive words& lying on top of it. Chori upar se seena jori,wah! There r many on other hand who’ve come up with facts how u n ur follower-trolls troll them. Ur time’s up,” she’d said.

Soon after D Roopa had told True Indology that his time was up, Twitter suspended the account. This didn’t go down well with India’s netizens, who equated the event to a digital encounter.

Other Twitter users said that the suspension was a blatant misuse of power.

Some users called it a digital murder.

Prominent lawyer and TV personality Ishkaran Singh Bhandari also tweeted in support of True Indology. “Twitter is fully controlled by leftist systems,” he wrote.

TV panelist Shehzad Poonawala also called for the account to be reinstated.

Influencer Madhur Singh said that the suspension created a bad precedent. “What next? If you defeat an IPS/IAS in a twitter debate, you’ll be arrested for making the highly fragile Bureaucrat cry? That’s what happens when you dare to stand against their dictatorship in real life and raise your voice, you get arrested, isn’t it?” he wrote.

BJP leader Kapil Mishra also spoke up about the ban.

As of writing, more than 1.6 lakh tweets have been posted on the hashtag #BringBackTrueIndology. The account’s fans contend that True Indology never breaks Twitter rules, but seems to be keep getting suspended. This time, however, people can connect the dots that led to the suspension: immediately after IPS D Roopa tweeted its “time was up”, True Indology’s account was removed by Twitter. With Twitter’s censorship already under the scanner in the US, with the company’s somewhat over-the-top fact-checking of President Donald Trump’s tweets, there are questions now being raised in India too whether a platform as large as Twitter should be allowed to arbitrarily suspend and remove accounts as per its whims.

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