News Portals, Leftists Spread Fake News Of Miscarriage Of Woman Detained Under Love Jihad Law

At this point, leftists are wishing upon the deaths of unborn babies to spread their narrative around the love jihad law.

Yesterday, several news outlets reported that the first woman detained under UP’s love jihad laws has suffered a miscarriage while in custody. Hindustan Times carried an article titled “Woman detained under UP’s new law against love jihad suffers miscarriage.”

The news, somewhat surprisingly, was quickly picked up by foreign news outlets. Yahoo News carried the same article

The news also made it to UK-based The Telegraph.

Predictably, the news was picked up by leftist propagandists back home in India. “The life of a child in return for falling in love,” moaned serial fake-news spreader Shashi Tharoor. “The cruel reality of this terrible law,” he wrote.

“The first woman detained under UP’s ‘Love Jihad’ laws had a miscarriage in police custody. Her family has alleged that she was given an injection against her will to abort the baby. Our Modia ignored it. UK Media had to report it. THIS ISN’T FASCISM?” wrote Congress troll Srivatsa.

Rana Ayyub had a take too. “A 22 year old Hindu woman detained for marrying a Muslim man, suffers a miscarriage. These headlines have become so normal that we find it exhausting to outrage. Because it is only going to get worse from here,” she wrote on Twitter.

But as it turned out, all the outrage was for nothing, because the woman in question hadn’t suffered a miscarriage at all.

After these news articles went viral, the Moradabad district administration said that the woman did not suffer miscarriage and called the reports “fake news”.

“The medical report stated she is three months pregnant. On Friday, the woman complained of severe stomach pain and was taken to Mahila District Hospital. She was admitted there. Today around 11 am, the woman was discharged from the hospital… She was readmitted to the hospital around 2 pm after she again complained of stomach ache,” District Probation Officer (Moradabad) Rajesh Chandra Gupta said.

Late on Sunday evening, Gupta said that she was fine. “After getting discharged in the morning, she again complained of stomach pain so we admitted her, but she is fine,” Gupta said, adding that “fake news of girl’s miscarriage is being circulated on social media”.

It’s incredible how portals all the way in UK ended up reporting on a miscarriage that never happened, but this fake news appears to be a part of a concerted leftist campaign to spread fear around the new love jihad laws. Just last week, several news articles and leftist propagandists like Faye D’Souza had claimed that the police had stopped a wedding over suspicions of love jihad, but had failed to report that the woman in question had run away from home and been reported missing by her parents.

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