People Begin Uninstalling Gaana App After Employee Tanzila Anis Mocks The Horrific Lynching Of Bajrang Dal Worker

It’s bad enough that Hindu lynchings don’t get coverage on mainstream media — they are now being actively mocked as well.

Tanzila Anis, who works for, today appeared to make light of the horrific lynching of Rinku Sharma. Rinku Sharma, who had been collecting donations for the Ram Mandir, was beaten up and allegedly stabbed to death by four men, Zahid, Mehtaab, Danish and Islam. The image of a his prone body lying with a knife sticking from it had gone viral on social media.

But employee Tanzila Anis appeared to make light of the situation today morning. “Bajrang Dal Activist. That’s it, that’s the tweet,” she wrote on Twitter, implying that a Bajrang Dal Activist deserved to meet the fate that Rinku Sharma did. As per her LinkedIn profile, Tanzila Anis was “creating the content story for original and branded podcasts at Gaana.”

Incidentally, Tanzila Anis has previously propagated Hindu hatred. In a tweet from 2015, she’d wondered why there were more Hindus in India, and said that it was something to be outraged about.

After Tanzila Anis’s tweets went viral, several users said that they’d no longer be using’s products. “Uninstalled @gaana. Can’t subscribe to an app which employs people instigating genocide,” wrote Twitter user Divya Kumar Soti.

“Goodbye @gaana.. Uninstalled ur app.. U can keep both ur bigot employee and ur app..” wrote another Twitter user.

OpIndia CEO Rahul Roushan wrote that he’d uninstalled, and said that JioSaavn anyway had all songs.

Other users wondered if officially endorsed such hate against Hindus.

Shefali Vaidya asked why employed such filth, while sharing other tweets from Tanzila Anis. In her tweets, Tanzila Anis had called Lord Krishna “mad” and said he participated in orgies. She’d also said she wanted to to stand under a Shiva idol with its legs spread wide, and joked about Sita saying that “Hanuman’s thing” was growing longer in Lanka.

It’s not only her recent tweet which made fun of a Hindu man’s lynching — Tanzila Anis has a history of tweets going back several years which show her blatant Hindu hatred. The fact that she was hired by Gaana raises questions about the background checks the company conducts on its employees. Her behavior also raises questions about other employees at Gaana, and whether they endorse her bigoted and hateful views.

Gaana is yet to issue a statement on the issue.

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