Police Parties In Search For Markaz Attendees Shot At, Pelted With Stones: Reports

The Indian state machinery already has a herculean task on its hands — it must locate the nearly 2000 attendees from the Nizamuddin Markaz in Delhi who’ve now moved to different parts of the country. It must also locate the people who came into contact wit the attendees when they traveled through trains and buses. And now they’re having to deal with targeted violence as they’ve tried to look for the members of the Jamaat.

Police parties in search of the members of the Tablighi Jamaat have been shot at and pelted with stones, various news outlets have reported. In Madhubani in Bihar, a police party in search for Jamaat members was shot at when they tried to check a mosque, Times Now reports. Police had received reports that several members of the Tablighi Jamaat were hiding in the mosque and lockdown orders were not being followed. The police party, however, was attacked, fired upon and pelted with stones when they went to investigate.

A similar story has been reported from Gujarat. ABP Gujarat reported that a police party was pelted with stones after it went in search of members who had attended the Jamaat in Delhi.

A similar report was made by Times of India Ahmedabad. “Stone pelting in Gomtipur area of Ahmedabad as cops went to search for people who had gone to #Nizamuddin congregation,” it reported.

Police across India are scrambling to find people who’d attended the Jamaat. More than 10 people who were present at the event have died of coronavirus, and hundreds of attendees have tested positive. The head of the Markaz, Maulana Saad is absconding after an FIR was filed against him.

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One thought on “Police Parties In Search For Markaz Attendees Shot At, Pelted With Stones: Reports

  1. Sad to learn all this.
    Considering Mecca was closed down
    Pakistan allowed maximum 5 persons
    To pray in Mosque.
    I think Moulana must be punished as per law

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