Rahul Gandhi’s Former Business Partner’s Wife Sonia Faleiro Was Amongst The First To Use The Term “Modi Variant” On Twitter

Even as India is digesting some of the sensational disclosures in the alleged Congress toolkit, it’s already throwing up some interesting patterns.

One of the points in the alleged toolkit had referred to calling the virus the “the Modi strain”. “Use the phrase Indian strain whenever talking of the new mutant. Social media volunteers may call it ‘Modi strain’,” point 6 e) of the toolkit had advised.

As it turns out, someone very close to Rahul Gandhi had claimed to have come up with the phrase herself just a week ago. “The Modi variant has made its way to Bangladesh, East Africa & the UK, proving that like its namesake it also prefers foreign travel to staying at home,” Sonia Faleiro had tweeted on 9th May. She had then gone on to take credit for coming up with the name too. “I have named the so called Indian variant the Modi variant in honour of the person most directly responsible for it & also because the PM likes to name things after himself,” she added.

Not many people know who Sonia Faleiro is, but she’s someone particularly close to Rahul Gandhi. Faleiro is followed by Rahul Gandhi personally on Twitter, and she is the wife of Ulrik McKnight, who was Rahul Gandhi’s business partner in Backops, the consulting firm Gandhi had founded in 2003. In his 2004 election affidavit for his candidature in Amethi, Rahul Gandhi had declared that he owned 83% of the shares in Backops. The other partner in the company was Ulrik McKnight, Sonia Faleiro’s husband. Sonia Faleiro is incidentally also the daughter of former Union Minister and Congress loyalist Eduardo Faleiro.

As such, it’s surprising that someone so connected within the Congress — and so close to Rahul Gandhi — had come up with the Modi strain jibe nearly 10 days before the alleged toolkit was released. While the authenticity of the toolkit remains to be ascertained, it’s apparent that the Congress was already carrying out the directives mentioned in the toolkit, long before it became public.

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