Shaheen Bagh Protesters Demand Santisers, Face Masks From Govt To Continue Their Protests

Even as India locks down over the coronavirus — the IPL has been postponed, and schools and colleges are shutting down across the country — the Shaheen Bagh protesters seem determined to continue their protests. And they now want the very government that they have been protesting to help them out.

Times Now reports that Shaheen Bagh’s protesters, who’ve been illegally occupying a crucial road in Delhi since 15th December 2019, have asked the government to provide screening set up at the protest venue, which will screen people coming to the protest site for coronavirus’ symptoms. The protesters have also demanded sanitisers and masks for their own safety. Shaheen Bagh protestors will hold a press conference on Delhi riots and will touch upon the issue of COVID-19.

The Delhi government, where the protests are taking place, had earlier announced that it would not allow IPL matches to be held in the state, because large gatherings could lead to an outbreak of the coronavirus. It has also shut down schools and movie theatres till the end of the month, and Health Minister Manish Sisodia has urged people to not gather in large numbers.

The protests at Shaheen Bagh, though, continue unabated for now, with hundreds of people congregated at the protest site. And with the protesters now demanding services from the government including masks and health santisers, Shaheen Bagh seems to clearly believe that the rules that the rest of the country don’t apply to their own little enclave.

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9 thoughts on “Shaheen Bagh Protesters Demand Santisers, Face Masks From Govt To Continue Their Protests

  1. Kejriwal being CM in New Delhi is like a guy staying in his dad’s house and doing dadagiri….

  2. Never seen such a shameless protestors. May the providence be blissful to these protestors for their Karma with equal action…

  3. There you go. They themselves have provided you with a solution to the nuisance they created. Now all you have to do is spread the news that there are cases of covid-19 in Shaheen bagh. The protesters will disappear faster than a speeding bullet.

  4. Krazywal let them build their own houses at shaheen bagh to stay permanently n continue protest with financial assistance of krazywal n co. Next step monthly payment for lifetime protest from tax payers money.

  5. Govt says CAA is not for Indians but not checking the people who have occupied the major road illegally, are Indians or invaders from Bangladesh. Also these people are politically and PFI backed . No Indians support this protest. If you want to protest , go to designated places not on road. Simply unacceptable . Jai Hind !

  6. Even if one of these protesting burqaposh ladies get Covid 19 it will be a hell in their ghettos for they will eventually return back. The infection will spread violently and then there will be no need for NPR or NRC or CAA. All illegal migrants wud have automatically disappeared.

  7. Go home because if one person has carona virus all of u will get and I don’t wish but u may die so god don’t want u to stay in saheen baug please go home and protect yourself from carona virus go stay with your family every day people are dying from this virus all of u are in dangers as of now this virus do not show any symptoms for five to seven days Do care for yourself and care for your body your family needs u u don’t know how long we all going to live please go home

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