Shoyab Khan Pretends To Be S.K. Sinha, Kidnaps And Abandons Minor After Promising To Marry Her

While leftist intellectuals continue to turn a blind eye to love jihad, yet another disturbing case of love jihad has come to light — and this time, the victim is a minor.

The police have arrested Shoyab Khan, 18, for abducting a 15-year-old girl he’d befriended through social media. Shoyab Khan, who is a resident of Alwar, Rajasthan, had created a fake Facebook account under the name SK Sinha, and begun talking to the girl. He had later promised to marry her, and abducted her. He had abandoned the girl in Badarpur in Delhi three days later.

Deputy commissioner of police (west) Deepak Purohit said police filed a case of abduction on October 23 after the girl’s father informed them she was missing. During the investigation, police checked the call details of the girl’s cellphone and her social media accounts.

“We found that she had been frequently receiving messages from one SK Sinha. We collected details of the account holder from the service provider, and discovered that it was created by one Shoyab Khan of Alwar, Rajasthan,” said DCP Purohit.

Police said Shoyab Khan took her to different places in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, and abandoned her three days later. The police launched a manhunt forhim in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana’s Mewat. They discovered that Shoyab Khan and the girl had stayed with his friends in  Bihar’s Muzaffarpur and Uttar Pradesh’s Azamgarh. Shoyab Khan was eventually arrested on 8th December from Delhi’s Badarpur border. He then told the police that he had abandoned her in Badarpur.

A full 46 days after she had been reported missing, the Police found the girl at a house in Badarpur, where she had been working since October 26. She told police that she was afraid of returning home

This is a textbook case of love jihad: a perpetrator hides his religion to befriend a Hindu woman, promises to marry her, and later dumps her. The minor in this case got off lucky — several women have been murdered in the same situation — but highlights how pervasive the love jihad phenomenon has now become in India.


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