Someone Creates Website After PM Modi’s Address, Shows Protesting Band With George Soros On Vocals, Yogendra Yadav On Drums

Much of politics might be about vocalizing what a large section of the population already feels, and if one goes by the reactions to PM Modi’s latest bit about Aandolanjeevis, he might’ve hit just the spot.

PM Modi today spoke in the Rajya Sabha, and coined a new term — Aandolanjeevis. “A new entity has come up in the country- ‘Andolan Jivi’. They can be spotted wherever there is a protest, be it agitation by lawyers, students, or labourers, explicitly or implicitly. They cannot live without ‘andolan’, we have to identify them & protect nation from them,” he said in Parliament.

The internet lit up right after he spoke the words — people started making memes around the new term, and trolling those who they thought PM Modi was referring to. But someone seems to have taken this a step further — they’ve gone ahead and registered the domain

The website parodies a touring band’s official site. The band seems to be called The Psychos, written in font that seems to be a hat-tip to the Beatles. On the landing page, Rakesh Tikait is strumming away on his electric guitar, while Yogendra Yadav is playing the drums. On the vocals is hedge fund investor George Soros, who has publicly said that he’s putting in billions of dollars to unseat Narendra Modi as India’s Prime Minister.

There isn’t much else on the website at the moment — it was only created a few hours ago — but it shows the degree to which it’s now recognized that there’s a bunch of people in India who’d jump onto any protest under the sun, as long as it was opposed to the Modi government. But these protesters might’ve overplayed their hand — their tactics are now widely recognized, and PM Modi has even christened them with a new name. And if one goes by the Aandolanjeevi touring band website that’s been created, the Prime Minister certainly seems to have touched a chord.

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