#SorrySheru Becomes India’s Top Trend After Netizens Protest Rape Of 30 Dogs By Mumbai Man Ahmed Shahi

Months after a pregnant elephant had been cruelly murdered by feeding her a crude bomb disguised as a pineapple in Kerala, another horrific case of animal cruelty has come to light.

Mumbai man Ahmed Shahi has been arrested for raping over 30 dogs in the Andheri locality. Ahmed Shahi, 68, who works as a vegetable vendor, was videotaped raping dogs by a neighbour. When confronted, he said that since he also fed the dogs he was raping, his actions were alright.

Soon pictures of one Sheru, who was allegedly one of the dogs raped by Ahmed Shahi, began circulating on social media. “One of the 50 dogs which Ahmed Shah raped was just 6 months old Sheru. Let’s trend #SorrySheru so that poor boy can get justice,” wrote a Twitter account last night.

By today morning, there were hundreds of photos and posts in support of Sheru. “Never knew this world could be this cruel to you. no humanity left in society. #SorrySheru,” wrote a Twitter user.

People began sharing pictures of their dogs in solidarity with Sheru.

Others wondered why supposed animal lovers were silent on the horrific case. “I am Sheru, me and 30 of my friends were raped by Ahmed in Mumbai. What is stopping you from raising the issue? Secularism?,” said a Twitter post.

Some twitter users began targeting self-professed animal lovers over their silence on the heinous rapes. “Celebs who give gyan on Holi balloons and Diwali crackers wont utter a single word now #SorrySheru,” wrote Twitter user Monica.

“Hello @AnushkaSharma not a single tweet on #SorrySheru?” wrote Twitter user Being_Humour. Anuskha Sharma regularly tweets about animals that are supposedly hurt by colour thrown on them on Holi.

Other Twitter users tagged Shobaa De, another animal lover, and asked her to raise her voice. “Ma’am @DeShobhaa , today it was Sheru who became victim of Ahmed. Tomorrow it could be your Gong Li. Please raise your voice for Sheru and Tweet on #SorrySheru,” wrote a user LoLiyapa.

Some Twitter users called out Farhan Akhtar, who’d tweeted about dog-abuse in faraway China, but somehow remained silent on 30 dogs being raped in his own hometown.

Some Twitter users even asked Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who has a dog named Pidi, to also raise his voice for Sheru. “Today it’s Sheru tomorrow it could be Pidi,” a user said.

Other people wondered by animal rights organization Peta was also silent on the issue. “Dear @PetaIndia knock knock Ahmed raped more than 40 dogs, yes you heard it right 40 plus dogs Can we see some action from your biased organization,” wrote BJP leader Ramesh Solanki.

Others said that Sheru had become yet another victim of secularism.

Animal abuse is common in India, but this might be the first time that a single man has been accused of raping as many as 30 dogs, and has also been videotaped in the act. Indian laws, sadly, lack teeth to punish perpetrators, with fines as low as Rs. 50 for acts of cruelty to animals. But if this act too doesn’t shake our nation out of its collective slumber on the plight of stray animals, one wonders what it will take to bring about societal change in our country.

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