Storia Beverages Releases Hilarious Ad Featuring Politician Lookalike Who Wants To Build A Machine That Converts Grass To Milk

You know politics has gone mainstream when the jokes from Twitter make it to the real world.

Mumbai-based beverage company Storia has released an ad featuring someone who bears an uncanny resemblance to an Indian politician. The main character runs to his mother exclaiming “Khatam?(It’s over?)” after she’s downed her Storia drink. He then reassures her, and tells her that will build a machine which will convert grass into milk. After his harried mother points out that such a machine already exists — in the form of the humble cow — the main character then wonders if cows are empowered or not.

It’s a tongue-in-cheek reference to current political events, and the ad has been going viral on social media, and is being shared widely across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The campaign has been conceptualized and executed by Prime Focus Technologies, while the media campaign was planned and executed by Publicis Beehive. The campaign will be supported by a 360-degree integrated marketing communication, which includes strong digital activities and engagement building influencer activity planned by Django Digital over a period of three months.  

Speaking about the campaign, Vishal Shah, Founder & Managing Director, Storia® Foods & Beverages Pvt. Ltd said, “We, at Storia, feel a great responsibility towards our consumers because what we serve affects their health and lives directly. We are excited to reach out to our consumers this summer through our first ever 360-degree campaign, in a fun yet a very impactful way. With the ongoing pandemic, we look to lighten the mood, in a category which is already very serious and usually only promotes health. This campaign is a great way to increase significant brand consideration with our millennials and Gen Z, in a format they relate to best, parodical yet impactful.”

Commenting on the media campaign, Charles Victor, COO – Publicis Beehive said, “Through the campaign, and a strong targeted media plan, we’re looking to turn the brand into the go-to refreshment this summer. We are confident this will have a big impact on the brand.”

This isn’t the only ad that Storia has released. Another ad, which is part of the same campaign, features a muscled character named Bhai, who is advised not to drive by his assistant.

Yet another ad features a cricket captain, who doesn’t seem to want to retire.

But the ad featuring the politician seems to be the one that’s getting the most attention, and for good reason. Brands have typically steered clear of politics while designing their campaigns, treading carefully around topics that might offend any group of people. But the fact that Storia can release an ad lampooning this particular politician shows that the portrayal is something that India at large now believes to be largely accurate.

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