Swara Bhasker Claims Real Photos Of Amar Jawan Memorial Violence Are Photoshopped, Gets Called Out By Netizens

Leftists will do their best to avoid the truth, even if evidence is staring them in the face.

Far-left propagandist Swara Bhasker today claimed that the pictures of the Azad Maidan violence, in which a mob from a certain religion had desecrated the Amar Jawan Jyoti, were photoshopped. “Ghatiya Photoshop! (Bad photoshop),” she confidently replied to a user who’d shared the pictures with her.

As it turns out, Swara Bhasker’s knowledge of image editing software is as limited as her knowledge of recent Indian history, because the photos of the desecration of the Amar Jawan Jyoti are very much real. They had even made it to the cover page of Mid Day when the event had taken place in 2012.

“The photographs were taken by MiD DAY photographer Atul Kamble during the violence and were published on August 14. Abdul, clad in a white kurta, can be seen in the photos taking an angry and decisive blow at the memorial with a stick,” the Mid-Day article says.

The people in the photograph had even been arrested. “After his picture was published in MiD DAY on August 14, causing outrage across the nation, Abdul Qadir Ansari (19) fled to Bihar from where he was planning to escape to Nepal; while he was arrested yesterday, the other vandal is still at large,” Mid Day’s report adds.

In fact, there’s another angle to the infamous picture, which was also captured by photographer Atul Kamble.

There is an NDTV video as well showing the exact same pictures.

But Swara Bhasker either knows nothing of an event that grabbed national headlines just 8 years ago, or is running a systemic disinformation campaign in order to shied the perpetrators of the violence. This isn’t the first time that Swara Bhasker has spread fake news to promote her far-left agenda — just last month, she’d claimed that a Tanishq showroom had been attacked by goons after Tanshiq’s controversial love jihad ad. It had later been discovered that the news was fake, and Swara Bhasker was forced to delete her tweet. Incredibly, Swara Bhasker’s latest tweet calling the Azad Maidan photographs “photoshopped” is still up, and shows the degree to which leftists can brazen it out with lies to peddle their agenda, even when presented with incontrovertible evidence to the contrary.

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