Swara Bhasker Effusively Thanks Fan For Compliment, Fails To Spot Its Hidden Message Which Called Her “Donkey’s Bottom”

Internet trolls come in all shapes and sizes: some trolls merely point out the hypocrisy of powerful individuals with abuse, others dig up old tweets to embarrass and educate. But some people can elevate trolling to an art form.

Swara Bhasker today received an effusive message from an admirer. “Swara Bhasker is looking Glorious Adorable Dedicated Honest Elegant Keen Impeccable Glamorous Ardent Naughty Dominating,” wrote user @TheAngryLord on Twitter, sounding somewhat like Shashi Tharoor describing Rahul Gandhi.

Swara Bhasker was clearly overjoyed to receive the message. “DAY IS MADE!!! thank uuuuuuuu O’ Angry Lord,” she replied, and added around a dozen happy emojis.

That should’ve been all: in an internet that’s usually beset with accusations, counter accusations and confrontation, Swara’s exchange with her fan was a pure expression of love and mutual respect, and should’ve served as a beacon of hope in these divided times.

Sadly, there was more to the message than met the eye.

Eagle-eyed internet users discovered that reading out the first letter of each of the eleven adjectives that had been bestowed upon Swara Bhasker revealed a hidden message. The first letter of each adjective was, in order, G-A-D-H-E-K-I-G-A-N-D, which in Hindi translates into Donkey’s bottom.

At this point, the internet lost its collective mind. Internet users couldn’t believe Bhasker had fallen for the prank. “Oh my god,” wrote a user.

“I can’t believe Swara retweeted this! My god! If Id!ocy has some limit it ends at Swara,” wrote another.

Soon the internet was showering Swara with even more compliments. “You truly are Delightful Unique Magnificently Beautiful,” wrote user Ra_Bies.

“What a Fabulously, Opulent, Outstanding, Lovely response to @TheAngryLord,” wrote Vivek Agnihotri.

While nobody thinks of Swara as some genius savant — she regularly falls for and shares fake news on Twitter, and then later is forced to dial back and apologize — her falling for a routine internet prank isn’t going to inspire much confidence among those who turn to her for political opinions. If someone can’t spot being called a Donkey’s bottom in an internet message, can they really be expected to understand the minutiae of global geopolitics, the economy or India’s agricultural laws?

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