Swara Bhasker Shares 2-Year-Old Photo As A Dead Farmer From The Delhi Protests

No political issue in India is over until Swara Bhasker has sent out an ill-informed, blatantly fake, and provocative tweet over it.

After regularly sharing fake news with accompanying outrage on her Twitter account over the last few months, Swara Bhasker today sent out another incendiary tweet. “Just wrong!!!!!”,” she wrote, while sharing a picture of which claimed to be a farmer “martyred” at the Delhi protests. “These are cruel unnecessary deaths…it is shameful that the govt. doesn’t care to stop this! And they can! Shameful! #FarmersProtest,” she wrote.

But by now, the internet has learnt to take Swara Bhasker’s utterances with a generous helping of salt. As was quickly pointed out by several internet commentators, the picture was first shared on 2nd September 2018 on Facebook, and was allegedly of an unidentified man whose body had been found in Punjab. Quite obviously, the picture was completely unrelated to the ongoing middleman stir in Delhi.

As this was pointed out to Swara Bhasker, she realized she’d goofed up yet again. “So this is apparently an old image from 2018 unrelated to the farmers protest!” Hey AllAbout Sikhism please correct this and delete this tweet…apologies for sharing this earlier,” she wrote.

It’s incredible that Swara Bhasker, who has 1.2 million Twitter followers, didn’t bother verifying the picture before sharing it, but later tried to blame a small, unverified account with 27,000 followers for not verifying when the picture was from. But this is par for the course for Swara Bhasker, who has unleashed a torrent of fake news on Twitter in recent months. Two months ago, Swara Bhasker had shared a tweet which had claimed that a Tanishq showroom had been attacked in Gujarat following the company’s love jihad ad. Her claim was proven to be fake, and she had later deleted her tweet. Just last month, Swara Bhasker had claimed that the pictures of a Muslim mob attacking the Amar Jawan Jyoti were “photohopped”, but again had to delete her tweet after it had been pointed out that the pictures were indeed real. And with Swara now again sharing a fake and provocative photo around the farmers’ protest, one would wonder how much fake news one has to spread before the authorities step in and put a stop to what is clearly a coordinated campaign to disturb public order.

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