Tanishq Ad: Kerala’s Catholic Church Has Also Previously Called Out ‘Love Jihad’, Said Christian Women Lured Into Traps

The liberal intelligentsia that has spoken out in support of the Tanishq ad has chosen to dismiss those who opposed it as ‘trolls’ and ‘Hindutva bigots.’ But as it turns out, the issue of Love Jihad has been raised by an institution that has nothing to do with Hindutva, and is never called a ‘troll’ — the Catholic Church.

In January this year, the Catholic Church of Kerala had said that “Love Jihad is a reality”, and alleged that scores of women from the Christian community were being lured into the trap of Islamic State and used in terror activities. The Church had also accused the state police of not viewing the matter cautiously and taking timely action in ‘Love Jihad’ cases.

“There are circumstances in which Christian girls are killed in the name of Love Jihad in Kerala,” the Synod, or the Church Council, had alleged in a statement issued through Syro-Malabar Media Commission. Noting that unofficial accounts say many girls were being used in terror activities through Love Jihad, the Synod said it was a serious matter and such accounts state that Love Jihad is not only “in the imagination”.

The Synod, referring to a police record, said out of 21 people who were recruited into Islamic State terror outfit, half of them were converted from Christian faith and it should be an eye opener for the community.

The Church had called for efforts to sensitise parents and children about the dangers of Love Jihad, and demanded speedy action against the culprits involved in the practice.

This sounds suspiciously similar to the demands made by those who were opposing the Tanishq ad, but had been brushed off by leftist ‘intellectuals’ as being ‘Hindutva trolls’. With the Catholic Church of Kerala having also publicly called out the menace just a few months ago, those who supported the ad would do well to get down from their ivory towers, and see what’s happening on the ground in the country.

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