Tanishq Takes Down Ad Which Asked Hindus To Not Burst Crackers During Diwali After Online Outrage

Tanishq has taken down its second ad in three weeks after users found it distasteful and offensive.

Tanshiq has deleted its Diwali ad after it had led to online calls to boycotting the brand. The tweet, first shared on 5th November from Tanishq’s official account, now stands deleted. Tanishq, however, has yet to publicly apologize for the ad.

The idea of the ad had seemed innocuous-enough — a group of women had shared how they planned to celebrate Diwali this year. But what had caught the attention of the internet was a woman who had smiled into the camera and sanctimoniously said, “Definitely no firecrackers. I don’t think anyone should light firecrackers,” she had continued, beaming.

The internet thought that Tanishq was preaching to them around how to celebrate the year’s biggest festival. Many people had pointed out that brands like Tanshiq never seem to tell Muslims to not slaughter goats on Id because its causes global warming, and never tell Christians to not use Christmas trees, but seem to reserve all their climate activism for Hindu festivals. #BoycottTanshiq had then trended on Twitter, with thousands of people once saying that they’d never buy a Tanshiq product again.

It would’ve been a sense of deja vu for Tanshiq — boycott Tanshiq had also trended after Tanishq had released an ad showing a Muslim family celebrating their Hindu bride’s traditions during a baby shower, remaining completely oblivious to the number of Hindu brides that have been forced to convert or been killed after being married into Muslim households. The backlash had been such that Titan’s stock had fallen 2.5 percent the day after the trend, and the company had lost Rs. 2,700 crore of market value overnight.

Like with the Love Jihad ad, Tanishq has quickly retracted, and taken down its offensive, preachy Diwali ad. But the damage might have been done — the first advertisement could’ve been seen as an errant marketing team going truant. But with Tanishq releasing a similarly offensive ad just three weeks later, it remains to be seen if the company’s customers are going to forget and forgive two major missteps, just as the festive shopping season is around the corner.

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