The Chilling Similarities Between The Hate Speech Of The Fired NPR Producer And The Pulwama bomber

If it looks like a duck, it quacks like a probably is a duck.

NPR producer Furkan Khan recently tweeted out this message: If Indians give up Hinduism, they will solve most of their problems, what will all the piss drinking and the dung worshiping. Khan was pilloried for her tweet, and ultimately resigned a day after. But while the tweet was doubtlessly crass, its sentiment was hardly original.

It turns out that the Pulwama bomber, who rammed his car into a CRPF convoy in February this year and led to the deaths of 42 jawans, had used eerily similar words to describe Hindus. The Pulwama bomber had referred to Indias as “Gae ka Peshab Peene Wale”, or cow piss drinkers,

It’s not a coincidence that a liberal Indian reporter and a suicide bomber would use a similar pejoratives against India’s largest religious community. In the past, narratives of India’s liberal left and Islamic terrorists have tended to overlap — both groups hate current Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, both groups seem to support Islam’s subjugation of women, and both groups somehow seem to think, without any concrete facts to support it, that the RSS is a terrorist organization.

It is an extraordinary state of affairs — there is very little common ground between the ideologies of so-called “liberals” and Islamic terrorists. “Liberals” believe in feminism, hardline Islamic terrorists support the hijab and female genital mutilation; liberals, in general, tend to believe in religious plurality, Islamic terrorists are kind of partial towards, well, Islam, and liberals tend to usually be pacifist, while Islamic terrorists want to kill and maim as many people as they can. But it’s remarkable how now both now use the same kind of slurs to describe Hindus of the republic of India.

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