These Were Most Hilariously Clueless Protesters From Mumbai’s Anti-CAA March

Liberals aren’t exactly known for being the sharpest knives in the drawer, but the anti-CAA protest march brought out some truly amazing specimens.

On Thursday, while the rest of India went about their jobs as productive members of society, a bunch of left-liberals descended upon Mumbai’s August Kranti Maidan to protest the Citizenship Amendment Act. In an atmosphere that would’ve been more appropriate at a picnic than a somber protest about citizenship, they help up placards, sang songs, and took selfies for their Instagram. But when prodded about on details around the Act that they were protesting, they didn’t come out looking so good.

This girl, who was presumably a feminist, said that her chief opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act was that it would be discriminatory against women who had happened to get married and changed their names.

Yet another person said that they were protesting because they didn’t “want India to be divided.” When pressed for information on how the supposed division was going to take place, they said they didn’t want to continue the interview any more.

This person was concerned that people who changed their gender might find it hard to find the right documentation.

This girl gave a whole lecture on existential crises including morality, discrimination, and fairness, but could only grin sheepishly when asked why exactly the Citizenship Amendment Act was discriminatory.

And it wouldn’t be a liberal protest without a token gora. This Frenchman angrily said that the Act was “horrifying” and “terrifying”, because it would oppress gay and trans people.

And we reached peak woke when this individual, who was holding up a “Stop trans bill” placard, sought to earnestly explain how it actually meant that the country was being transformed, before later admitting that someone else had handed him the placard and he didn’t really know what it meant.

And these people wonder why no one takes them seriously.

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14 thoughts on “These Were Most Hilariously Clueless Protesters From Mumbai’s Anti-CAA March

  1. Protestors say they are against NRC. But the NRC law is not yet designed, not a word of its form and contents are known and yet they are against NRC. With the poor knowledge the protestors have on CAA n NRC it seems the Modi Bashers have got a platform to come together.

  2. Bunch of idiots. And we call them a promising new generation. Educated but have no knowledge. They don’t feel the need to know what exactly are they protesting for. Herd mentality. I feel sorry for future India.

  3. Punish all those who create unwanted ruckus and vandalism. Confiscate their properties if against any damage done to properties according to sc ruling.

  4. The idea, atleast for me, is not to make fun of anyone (though some of these clips are really hilarious too). Expressing dissent peacefully is normally anyone’s right. What these videos depict, or atleast what I see, is the quality of thought behind these people who have decided to dissent.

  5. Look at the confidence and fluency in language.
    God save this country! #isupportCAA #isupportNRC

  6. The way they express with confidence is great. Public will be the best judge what and how to call these highly fashioned n educated ………..
    #I Support CAA & # I Support NRC across INDIA ( When ever it comes in force )

  7. All expressing views are bogus and paid idiots. If they would have read it, would have never made a joke of themselves. Pity this illiterate generation…

  8. Actually protest, if at all it has a motive, is purely political. The political as well as community leaders along with alleged intellectuals having alienation with such groups and parties fooled innocent people and created ruckus. The protests then at some point went out their hands when hooligans from political parties and communities joined.
    It is not the case where no one knows that CAA is not discriminatory and Nation wide NRC is not yet in existence but it doesn’t matter when you have a political motive and your sole aim is to disturb peace.

  9. Dear Indians,

    Please, Please, Request to All
    First understand these CAA
    Properly, Just listen to Intelluctals, Advocate of Supreme Court, Their Opinion –
    Don’t jump to conclusions ”
    Keep patience, don’t damage any public property, pls wait for the hearing in the Supreme Court ”
    Jai Bharat ” Jai Hindustan “

  10. Y should we blame these youths only when FOREIGN EDUCATED BOLLYWOOD STARS & DIRECTORS could protest without reading the full text.
    Sounds like a person staying in his father’s house but calling the next door neighbour PAPA

  11. EMPTY VESSELS MAKE THE MOST NOISE – a very apt proverb for the current situation.
    then if u have a genuine grouse against anyone come & protest.

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